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Jul 30, 2021

Short episode summary

You need a coach if you want to learn the right way to run pain-free. Period. Listen in to see if you agree with us.


Timestamps of big takeaways

[00:41] Coach Valerie shares a story that illuminates why you need a coach 

[02:12] Coach Caroline reiterate the benefits of having a coach

[03:10] We...

Jul 23, 2021

Short episode summary

It’s not the shoes that make the runner. In fact, the shoes can actually be what hurts the runner. More impact on your body is never the goal if you hope to run pain-free. Coach Valerie and Coach Caroline are busting the myths of running shoes, the mistakes they see made when analyzing elite...

Jul 20, 2021

Short episode summary

This episode is a quick one, but you shouldn’t miss it! We’re turning the idea of “practice makes perfect” upside down!


Timestamps of big takeaways

[00:25] Does practice make perfect? Find out here

[01:10] Coach Caroline shares why Coach Valerie focuses on shorter drills and lessons

Jul 16, 2021

Short episode summary

Coach Valerie addresses a long stride vs. overstride, and the misconceptions about what impacts stride length.


Timestamps of big takeaways

[00:25] Coach Valerie explains what stride is

[02:18] Let’s talk about sprinters and the image it creates in most people’s minds

[03:15] Learn what the...