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Sep 24, 2021

Short episode summary

If you’re not coming into the membership from a mindset of being coachable, you may not succeed. Learn what we mean in this episode!


Timestamps of big takeaways

[00:25] We’re at the park again today, and we start the episode by discussing a football training Coach Valerie witnessed during an outdoor workout 

[02:10] Coach Valerie talks about having difficulty running pain-free, and questions to consider

[03:25] We should treat running like it’s a sport with drills and standards and practice

[04:58] You’ll get the best success if you come in as a coachable person

[06:36] There is a real problem with only looking at running from the metric of how many miles someone ran. What about the quality of the run? This is why hiring a coach is so valuable!

[07:53] Even triathletes recognize the importance of coaches for swimming and biking, but why not running? There’s more to running pain-free than your shoes

[08:56] Many people come to us with bad habits. Here we share how to be more coachable

[12:00] Coach Caroline shares how it became difficult to run with her group after she started being coached because she knew they were running incorrectly

[12:40] Sometimes the advice a PT gives for running injuries actually doesn’t help you run better

[14:27] You need to have the mindset of being ready to learn the proper movement and leave your ego at the door. It’s okay to admit you don’t know how to run because this will help you learn the right way to do it without pain

[15:42] Having a community of people trying to learn how to run correctly is so helpful, and having a coach that knows the best movements to run pain-free will change your life.

[17:34] Coach Valerie addresses the common thought of resting up being the answer to being able to run more miles

[18:35] What if you have a marathon coming up and have an injury? Learn Coach Valerie’s advice for this scenario

[20:03] Coach Caroline recaps the importance of being coachable


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