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Sep 1, 2023

Short episode summary

In this episode of the RunRX Show, coaches Valerie and Caroline discuss the importance of the standard of movement in running and how it can make a significant difference in marathon training. They also address common misconceptions about learning how to move correctly and share their own experiences with injuries and finding the right running technique.


Timestamps of big takeaways

Members of RunRX are Training for a Marathon

[00:30] Coach Valerie shares that four people in the RunRX membership are currently training for a marathon, and she shares that there’s a lot of mental and physical preparation that goes into training.

[01:46] Coach Valerie stresses the importance of going back to the basics in running and addresses common concerns about everyone moving in a certain way.

Why Does Coach Valerie Push a Standard of Movement?

[02:43] A common question Coach Valerie gets is why she is constantly trying to make people move a certain way, and she answers it by talking about how she used to teach aerobics and that people needed to move the same way to correctly do the exercises.

[03:58] Her advice is to start with simple movements, progress quickly, and follow along in a class. But, she struggled to find standard running steps. She bought running shoes from a store, and tried to learn how to run.

[05:17] Low and behold, because there was no standard of movement that she had learned, Coach Valerie got injured - as did many of the people she spoke to.

[06:13] Eventually she stumbled onto a book that taught her how to properly run. As many of you might know it was the book Pose Method of Running, by Dr. Nicholas Romanov.

It’s Not Always Comfortable to Learn Something New

[08:44] Trying new things is initially uncomfortable, but respecting the teacher is important. Zumba was difficult when Coach Valerie tried it, but she found it to be enjoyable. Running can be seen as a movement, not just an exercise. Teaching a standard of movement allows for improvement and efficiency.

[10:24] Learning to run in place can improve running ability and confidence for marathon runners. Running is not just about forward movement, but also understanding the mechanics of the running action itself. 

[11:37] It’s okay to look or feel a little silly when you’re learning the standard of movement. Roll with it and accept that you’re learning something new.

[14:00] We accept that there’s a standard of movement with squatting and other exercises, but people should accept that there’s a right way to run if you want to avoid injuries too.

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