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Sep 15, 2023

Short episode summary

In this episode, Coaches Caroline and Valerie discuss the concept of needing a reason to run and share stories from runners they've encountered. They also emphasize focusing on improving your movement and form rather than just getting through a run.


Timestamps of big takeaways

[00:23] Coaches Caroline and Valerie introduce the concept of needing a reason or event to run. Coach Valerie also shares a story about runners she encountered recently.


The Post-Race Blues 

[02:21] Sometimes there's difficulty in transitioning from training for a race to just running for enjoyment, leading to signing up for the next event.


Enjoying Running for Its Own Sake 

[03:51] Some runners do genuinely enjoy running without needing races or groups.


[04:40] - When injuries prevent training and racing, it can reveal a deeper love of running itself beyond the events and desire to get “more miles.”


[05:59] Most running groups focus more on grinding through runs rather than enjoying the experience. 


Being Accountable For Your Running Accessories 

[08:23] The warm up, cooldown, drills, and exercises are as important as the run itself for injury prevention and performance. The RunRX community provides accountability for doing these accessory parts of a run routine. 


Having An Enjoyable Conversation About Your Runs 

[10:34] Sharing how a run felt and what you focused on leads to a more enriching post-run conversation than just discussing mileage. The RunRX community creates this same camaraderie around the experience of running.


Overcoming Excuses For Not Running 

[12:01] Many runners say they "aren't really runners" as an excuse to avoid running. Improving how you move will make you want to run more and overcome excuses.


Joining the RunRX Community 

[13:34] Join the RunRX immersion to learn how to run pain-free! Our members love the benefits of accountability, plans, and community support. We think you will too!

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