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Feb 5, 2021

Short episode summary

5Ks, and 10Ks, and marathons, oh my! Coaches Caroline and Valerie do a deep dive into training for marathons, the truth about heart rate increases, building the body up to being able to handle long-distance running and so much more. If you have been thinking about training for a marathon or a long-distance run - this is the episode for you.


Timestamps of big takeaways

[00:42] Coach Valerie addresses why RunRX doesn’t have individualized training plans

[2:24] Coach Caroline shares what makes a personalized plan, well, personalized

[3:09] Coach Valerie gives a sneak peek into what people who go elsewhere (*cough* - not RunRX) for their training can expect

[4:09] Coach Caroline mentions the taboo of the 20-mile run and marathon training

[5:15] Coach Valerie exposes improperly training for a marathon, and what to do instead

[7:45] Coach Caroline geeks out on all things running and training for a marathon

[9:38] Coach Valerie tells you the harsh truth about how to train for a marathon, or even a triathlon

[11:20] Coach Caroline talks about her time as a swimmer, and then she compares training for a marathon to playing football

[13:00] Coach Valerie addresses the cardiovascular system and how long it takes the body to adapt to running long distance

[14:45] Our lawyers made us add this disclaimer - but in all seriousness, running is cardiovascular, and all working out comes with risk! That said, there is a difference between discomfort and having a heart attack!

[15:05] Coach Valerie answers the question of if you should wear a heart rate monitor while training with Run RX

[15:43] This is your reminder that your heart is a muscle and your lungs are a system

[16:03] Coach Caroline explains that we forget what we use to run

[16:50] Coach Valerie discusses the differences in runners that run long distances

[17:52] Coach Valerie gives her opinion on running with weighted vests


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Links mentioned in episode

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