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Feb 12, 2021

Short episode summary

There is a right way and a wrong way to breathe while running. And, there is a difference between cadence and speed. Coaches Valerie and Caroline break it all down and explain why you need to give your body time to adapt and get in the right mindset for running in this episode.


Timestamps of big takeaways

[00:55] Coach Valerie answers the question “What if I can’t maintain the 180-cadence?”

[1:25] What happens if you get to 180-cadence and aren’t any faster at running? Coach Valerie addresses that here

[2:47] Coaches Caroline and Valerie address the fears that happen in running in the beginning

[3:48] Coach Valerie gives a great suggestion for helping calm your fears while learning to run pain-free

[4:14] How are you breathing? Coach Caroline discusses slow and deep vs short and shallow breaths

[5:04] This is what you should do if you’re just beginning your running practice

[6:03] Coach Valerie addresses whether or not you should get into a meditative state while running

[7:12] What is a side stitch, and what should you do about it? Find out here

[9:04] What if the pain is just too intense? Should you just stop? Coach Valerie answers this question

[9:53] Coach Valerie addresses what to do if you’re feeling pain/discomfort while running - Should you walk it out, stop, or do something else?

[11:59] - Should you use a timed walk, run, walk, run exercises in a single workout? Coach Valerie shares the harsh truth about what this type of exercising does to your brain

[13:40] Coach Caroline drives home the point about how timed walk, run exercises messes with your mindset

[15:00] If you think running will be hard, will be! What else can those thoughts lead to? Coach Caroline answers that here

[15:58] Coach Caroline challenges you to do this the next time you go for a run

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