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Feb 19, 2021

Short episode summary

Can you run with an injury? In this episode, Coach Valerie talks about her sprained ankle injury, what you should do if you have an injury, and whether or not it’s okay to run while injured.


Timestamps of big takeaways

[00:54] Coach Valerie shares some background on her sprained ankle

[1:45] What does rolling a hip have to do with a sprained ankle? Find out here

[2:40] Coach Caroline explains what most people do when they have an ankle injury

[3:09] Coach Valerie then discusses when it was time to address the ankle itself

[3:40] There is a difference between an acute injury and nagging injuries

[4:19] A nagging injury means we need to see how you run, and here Coach Valerie explains why

[4:54] Coach Valerie addresses when you can start running again after an injury

[5:38] When you’re running with correct form, it should be pain-free

[6:30] Coach Caroline debunks the myth that your feet are holding you up

[7:40] How do I know when it’s an injury vs just soreness? Coach Valerie answers that question here

[9:02] Pain is your body telling you that you are moving incorrectly


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