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Mar 5, 2021

Short episode summary

What does running without muscles mean, and should you be doing strength training exercises to be better at running? We’re answering these questions and more in this strength-filled episode.


Timestamps of big takeaways

[00:54] Coach Valerie discussed the strength exercises that she recommends

[1:45] Coach Caroline talks about the word rebound and why she loves it

[2:09] Coach Valerie answers whether or not skips build strength and muscle elasticity

[2:48] Sometimes exercises feel like we could make a fool of ourselves, and the exercises feel difficult 

[3:35] Here Coach Valerie answers how someone who wants to do the free exercises rather than the paid membership can get the best results

[4:39] Now we know running exercises should feel good, Coach Caroline addresses what caused her discomfort with those exercises

[5:45] Coach Valerie discusses doing exercises in place, and the importance of doing the correct movements

[6:26] Having a coach means you have someone standing there with you who can correct your movement

[6:58] Coach Caroline shares the harsh truth about RunRX training vs other programs

[7:50] The question you need to ask yourself for running is revealed here

[8:05] There is a reason why we’re giving you the exercises we do in RunRX

[8:24] Here Coach Valerie shares why movement-based movement is beneficial in training rather than focusing on mileage

[9:09] We’re not trying to prevent you from running long distance

[9:23] Coach Caroline talks about running burnout

[10:10] What are the short intervals for? Coach Valerie answers that here

[10:38] Short intervals develop your cardiovascular system and build your endurance

[10:55] Coach Valerie explains the benefit of long intervals

[11:48] How can you get the RunRX running plan? Coach Caroline spills the beans


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