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Mar 19, 2021

Short episode summary

Did you know your stride length and cadence can help you travel further, faster? Coaches Caroline and Valerie talk about both and how running the right way helps you not only to run pain-free but to enable your body to do what it was born to do.


Timestamps of big takeaways

[00:51] Coach Valerie answers the question about where to go after you get to a cadence of 180

[1:55] Coach Caroline shares her aha moment of what happens when you’re not quite at a cadence of 180

[2:34] Coaches Caroline and Valerie discuss how getting to that 180-cadence is the secret to long-distance running, and making it fun

[3:30] Coach Valerie explains what pain-free running really means - spoiler alert, it’s not that it’s easier

[4:32] What does stride length do for your distance in running? Learn about that here

[6:00] Coach Valerie discusses acceleration and traveling in running and where both occur

[6:55] Coach Caroline summarizes what happens when running


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