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Apr 2, 2021

Short episode summary

Do you want running correctly to become second nature? It starts with perception. In this candid episode, Coaches Caroline and Valerie discuss something interesting they have noticed in the initial weeks of training with their runners in the RunRX program. What they share could change your running for the better.


Timestamps of big takeaways

  • [00:25] Coach Caroline shares a story about why perception is important
  • [2:21] Coach Valerie talks about the difference between asking a child to do something vs asking an adult to do it
  • [2:58] Coach Valerie addresses the benefits of having a running coach - spoiler alert! As we age, having someone watch our movements becomes more critical
  • [3:40] Coach Caroline reiterates this point by sharing what happened on a recent training
  • [4:30] Once you nail your perception, this happens
  • [5:21] Coach Caroline explains why practicing is key for success


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