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Apr 23, 2021

Short episode summary

It may feel awkward to watch yourself run, but the benefit is that video can help you get the techniques right so you can run pain-free.


Timestamps of big takeaways

[00:32] When we were growing up, we didn’t see this…

[1:07] Coach Valerie addresses why it’s so important to have a video of yourself running

[2:37] What is the first thing people see when they are looking at themselves on video?

[2:57] At the beginning of filming yourself running, two things happen - find out what they are here

[3:21] Coaches Caroline and Valerie tell the story of an overconfident runner

[3:59] Learn what happened when the overconfident runner saw her video here

[4:48] This is what you need to be able to re-learn how to run

[5:06] Running shoe stores are guilty of something that is detrimental to runners

[5:54] What happens when you see your movement in running? Find out here

[6:18] Coach Caroline shares a story about a student that had been in the membership for 3 weeks and what videoing herself did for her

[6:50] Don’t be yourself up if you don’t get the movements right instantly

[8:01] Coach Caroline talks Atomic Habits

[8:18] How can a smoker stop cold turkey? And what does that have to do with running?

[9:09] We’ve been taught this since a young age

[9:38] We all have a natural blueprint for running

[10:13] Coach Caroline shares what she learned from deciding to get back in shape

[11:40] How you do one thing is how you do everything

[12:20] Coach Caroline brings this episode full circle with the benefits of video


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Links mentioned in episode

Atomic Habits by James Clear

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