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Apr 30, 2021

Short episode summary

What does the pain in your hip have to do with your feet? It’s all connected! Learn what you should be focusing on for injuries in this informative episode.


Timestamps of big takeaways

[00:35] Let’s talk hip pain, and rethinking how we heal a pain

[1:37] We are one unit, and we’re all connected. Learn where our structure starts here

[2:28] Here you’ll learn about working up the chain

[3:08] Can you do this simple test?

[3:30] Coach Valerie shares a story of a member with plantar fasciitis

[4:21] Coach Caroline talks about how working with Coach Valerie has changed her day-to-day activity

[4:58] Coach Caroline asks an interesting question related to the arch of her foot

[5:35] Learn what your body wants here

[6:29] As you strengthen your foot, this happens

[7:19] Here we talk about flexibility vs mobility

[8:29] Ask yourself this to determine if you need flexibility


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