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Mar 26, 2021

Short episode summary

Why does a runner need core exercises? What is it about elasticity, mobility, and strength that makes the difference between running pain-free, and getting injured? Coaches Valerie and Caroline talk about this and more in today’s episode.


Timestamps of big takeaways

[01:02] Coach Valerie discusses why core strength is important to the RunRX method

[1:45] Coach Caroline shares the importance of not restricting your airflow while running

[2:25] The feelings of defeat while you’re running can destroy your run

[2:46] Here you’ll discover the biggest running benefit of strength work

[3:13] Coach Caroline shares an aha moment about flexibility vs mobility

[4:09] Coach Valerie talks about why runners need elasticity, mobility, and strength

[5:36] What happens when you don’t have core strength while running? Coach Caroline addresses that here

[6:45] Do you feel pain while running or walking? Here Coach Valerie shares a simple adjustment you can make to stop or prevent pain

[7:25] Here you’ll learn about the benefits of correcting your movements as you run

[7:54] What should you be listening for while running? Find out here

[8:44] Finish this sentence, “Be nice to the ground…”


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