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Apr 16, 2021

Short episode summary

A lot of the people who come to our program get nervous when they see the first three weeks of the RunRX plan don’t include long runs. We address these concerns, talk about the importance of rest, and share why we do what we do in our running programs to set you up for success.


Timestamps of big takeaways

[00:28] How long does it take to get your cardiovascular system in shape? Find out here

[1:11] Coach Valerie explains why you don’t start the RunRX program with long runs

[2:27] Coach Valerie addresses how long it takes to get OUT of shape and why the introduction to the RunRX program won’t hurt your fitness

[3:07] What does a typical Zoom call look like with RunRX? Coach Valerie addresses that here

[4:03] Coach Caroline talks about how the RunRX exercises can be done anywhere

[4:38] You don’t need any special equipment with RunRX, but what Coach Valerie suggests you do invest in is mentioned here

[5:13] A lot of people are surprised by this when they start working with our program

[6:04] Coach Caroline talks about what happens in a race in terms of your pace and terrain

[7:45] Coach Valerie shares a story about a runner in the RunRX running group who got snowed in for eight days

[9:30] Rest and breaks can actually help your body repair itself


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