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Jun 25, 2021

Short episode summary

How do you feel when you run? And, what are you focusing on when you run? Learn why these questions are so important in today’s episode.


Timestamps of big takeaways

[00:25] Coaches Valerie and Caroline are discussing runner’s perfectionism in this episode

[01:40] Coach Valerie addresses the problem with focusing on a number when running

[03:01] Too many people are worried about how many miles they can run rather than focusing on the movements, and doing them correctly

[03:34] Here you will learn the question you should ask after a run

[05:05] We discuss why you feel awkward when you start working with us

[05:47] The Coaches discuss runners and the Olympics and the difference between athletes and the rest of us

[07:35] Coach Valerie shares a story about a RunRX student

[09:15] Too many students get stuck in the how while running

[11:11] When injured, you’re often told the wrong thing about how to heal and prevent injuries

[12:54] Remember this about balance when you are standing, walking, or running

[14:25] Coach Caroline talks about her own running practice and her weight loss goals

[15:31] You don’t need to be physically with Coach Valerie to learn how to run correctly

[16:40] Quit focusing on distance - whether you’re new to running or coming back from injury

[18:45] Don’t be afraid to think and connect with your body while running

[20:09] Gravity will work on you no matter your body type or geographic location


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