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Aug 25, 2023

Short episode summary

In this episode, Coach Valerie shares her experience with pain during a workout, and emphasizes the importance of understanding the body's interconnectedness for effective recovery.


Timestamps of big takeaways

Coach Valerie Addresses Pain in a Recent Run

[00:23] Coach Valerie shares a personal experience of experiencing pain in her right glute during a run.

[00:41] It’s important to troubleshoot running pain and address the root cause of discomfort.

[01:04] Coach Valerie's initial assumption that squats caused the pain, but she later realized tension in her upper back was the actual culprit. She also talks about the lesson learned from her experience and the importance of warming up before running.

The Body is Connected

[03:43] The body is interconnected and tension in one area can lead to pain in another during running.

[05:00] Coach Valerie uses examples of their runners' experiences to illustrate the importance of identifying and addressing the root cause of pain.

Your Standard of Movement is Key to Running Pain Free

[07:06] Upper body strength and holding the upper body upright (i.e. using the correct standard of movement) during running is critical to running pain free.

[09:10] We encourage listeners to join the RunRX immersion program to learn more and receive personalized guidance.


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