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Aug 27, 2021

Short episode summary

Have you been trying to figure out how to get more joy and less pain from your running practice? Then, you need this episode!


Timestamps of big takeaways

[00:22] Coaches Caroline and Valerie open with a reminder that you have to focus your practice to run pain-free 

[00:48] Just because you’re doing drills, doesn’t mean you’re not working out and “getting your miles in”

[01:30] One reason people have a hard time with RunRX in the beginning is that they get so bent out of shape about not running when they forget they are still moving

[02:10] Coach Valerie discusses the mind shift all of our RunRX students have to go through, and she talks about a woman she coached

[03:50] Focusing on the correct movement instead of the numbers can help you run pain-free

[04:40] The gait analysis we do with our students often shows why they are in so much pain from their running practice

[05:28] Why do you have to get five miles in within a one-hour time frame? Here’s another way

[06:45] Coach Caroline challenges you to trust the RunRX method - we know it will take time

[08:02] It may be awkward when you first start the RunRX method - that’s normal!

[08:59] You can’t continue doing what it was that got you to the point of injury

[10:31] The great thing about being in the RunRX membership is having the support of the community and Coaches Caroline and Valerie

[11:15] Coach Caroline talks about why we started this podcast

[12:35] There’s a reason RunRX involves strength, skill, and self-care like stretching

[15:09] Coach Valerie shares about the RunRX triangle, and what happened when hers got out of balance

[16:37] Here Coach Caroline explores her running practice with extra body weight

[18:25] Why do you want to run? Is it for weight loss, to run marathons, or for social reasons?

[20:01] On our YouTube channel we share all the drills in our 30-day reboot. And, you will get more fit from the drills than just by running!

[22:19] Remember. The end goal is to enjoy running and to do it without pain


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-- 30-day reboot on YouTube by RunRX

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