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Sep 10, 2021

Short episode summary

Sing it with us! We are family! Tune in now to learn about bringing running to your friends and family.


Timestamps of big takeaways

[00:24] We open with a question we got from one of our members about how to get your family into running

[01:56] Coach Valerie shares about a time her dad was visiting, and her background in fitness

[06:16] Coach Caroline talks about her husband’s encouragement to find a running coach

[07:23] A running coach can support you in ways you don’t even realize yet

[09:10] Coach Valerie shares that she is still working with her coach Dr. Romanov, the developer of the Pose Method® that the RunRX method was founded on

[10:11] If you want your family to get involved in your running practice, let them see what you’re working on. Show them our videos and our podcast

[11:29] That’s what Coach Caroline does - she lets people see her practice and she talks to people about it

[12:23] Nobody runs in Coach Valerie’s family, but they respect it and share her information with people that need it

[13:23] There are a lot of questions people will ask about running, and Coaches Caroline and Valerie find that by answering them, they can build and grow their community

[16:08] When you start getting more involved in running, there’s a good chance your friends and family will get curious and want to know more

[17:09] Coach Caroline wraps up the episode with a reminder that you can influence others with your running practice


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