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Aug 19, 2022

Short episode summary

Strike a pose! Well, a running pose, that is. In this episode, we’ll explore the pose method and its impact on your ability to run pain-free.


Timestamps of big takeaways

The Running Pose

[0:55] The word pose may instill thoughts of posture, but they are not related. The Pose method in terms of running addresses the optimal pose you need while doing that. However, there are optimal poses for walking, sitting, standing, crawling, swimming, etc…


[01:44] The Running Pose is essential to running. It helps to ease the amount of strain and effect on the body when running. Most first-time runners are unable to do this mainly because they are not aware of it. 

[03:26] There will always be awkwardness when you first try the pose but eventually, it will become second nature.


Taking The Pose Method into Daily Life

[04:40] Think about how you’re sitting at work, how you’re walking to your car, or even standing while cooking or waiting in line. Movement patterns can be reinforced without you even realizing it. 


Reminding Yourself to Switch Positions

[6:05] If you have an office job, Coach Valerie recommends reminding yourself to stand up, stretch, and walk around every 30 minutes to loosen up your joints.


Working on your Movement


When working on your movement, instead of thinking about abs and crunches as exercises, you must work on standing and holding your pose. It builds stability, balance, and strength. You don't necessarily have to practice intensely. Simple practice is okay.


Your Body is One Unit

[8:29] Too many people are focusing on single body parts. In the RunRX programs, we focus on the entire body as a unit. As a result, those individual problems will work themselves out.

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