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Nov 4, 2022

Short episode summary

In this episode of the RunRX podcast, Coaches Caroline and Valerie talk about the expectation of our bodies and how to hit goals.


Timestamps of big takeaways

Body Expectation

[01:10] When it comes to measuring run times, some people think of themself as being slow runners. When they learn how to run fast using gravity, they might be disappointed if they run slow the next day. They might not realize there is an adaptation period, and in some cases, the body needs to recover. Following a plan for when to run is important.


[3:35] Just because you reach that goal of running at a particular speed doesn't mean you're done. You have more work to do.


Relevance Of Body Preparation

[3:48] Most adult runners sign up for a marathon or distance event without considering the body preparation required to be ready for the event. Mind and body preparation is important because when you’re running faster, everything is working more - heart, muscles, etc. A runner should place importance on recovery time. 


Balanced Mindset Training

[05:29] It's like having a new shoe when your body has just learned something new. You don't put on your new shoes on race day! You put them on during training to break them in and get ready. You need to take your body to the next level to handle that speed over time and distance. To get faster, you must first develop the mindset to do so.

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