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Jan 6, 2023

Short episode summary

The next virtual clinic is coming up soon. In this episode, coaches Valerie and Caroline discuss why you should attend, and what you will get out of it. They also share what makes this particular clinic special and how their coaching style differs from what other running coaches do.


Timestamps of big takeaways

Learning About Running

[00:48] Coach Valerie believes that the best reason to sign up for the online clinic is to start learning more about your running. At a minimum, they'll teach you something very basic about running that you can use forever and that will instantly improve your runs.


The Joys of Running

[01:17] It doesn't matter if you are a seasoned runner, have been injured, or simply haven’t been running in a while. There is no restriction on who can sign up. The nicest thing about running is that everyone can do it, and it is so enjoyable when you learn how to properly so it. It’s why so many people want to be able to do it. Even if you've spent your entire life running, there is still much to learn.


What Makes it Special?

[03:01] Coach Valerie shares more than just how to run properly. She will personally observe your runs and movements and give you feedback on how to improve your form. This alone sets her apart from other running coaches - she focuses on the movement and doing it correctly.


Even if you can’t be on the live calls and be online, you can learn how to move correctly if you will have the opportunity to send in a video of you running so you can get a proper gait analysis where Coach Valerie will tell you what you’re doing wrong, and why it hurts to run.


[05:32] Now is the ideal moment to sign up for the virtual clinic, regardless of whether you are injured, just starting out, or have been running for a while.


A Different Style

[07:24] The RunRX method is a distinctive form of coaching. Unlike coaches that simply run with you, Coach Valerie is observing how you run, and telling you how to correct your movements. She will speak to you in a language you can understand, and give you helpful feedback based on what you experience for yourself in your body when you are running.


Join Us and Learn to Run Pain-Free

[09:26] We hope you will join us for the virtual clinic. Visit our website, check out our socials, and see why people work with us. And, we hope you will get your gait analysis because Coach Valerie wants to see you run. It helps a lot to have somebody watch you and help you correct your movement. That alone is worth signing up for!

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