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Jan 13, 2023

Short episode summary

In this episode of The RunRX Podcast, Coaches Caroline and Valerie will discuss the benefits of joining the virtual clinic. They will also answer some frequently asked questions about the online event.


Timestamps of big takeaways

All Runners Are Welcome

[00:48] All types of runners are invited to the virtual clinic. If you enjoy running, you are welcome to join the event and learn how to run pain-free.


Join Us Even If You’re Injured

[03:03] You should come into the clinic, especially if you are currently injured. You are not your injury and you should continue to enjoy your life. You'll still be moving around, so why not use this time to focus on correcting your movement? This way, when you return to running, you'll have learned the proper movements to do so without pain.


Join If You’re Not Injured Too!

[04:20] If you are not injured, you can use the virtual clinic to increase your running efficiency. You will learn the proper movements, how to prevent injury, and take your running to the next level.


2023 Price

[05:34] Coming into the virtual clinic is a steal at just $37. And we’ll share information on how to have a gait analysis with coach Valerie - an offer we do not normally do.


You Don’t Have to Attend Live!

[6:18] The content recordings will also be archived, allowing you to go back and watch it again. And, in the weeks you have with coach Valerie, you can ask your burning running questions.


Why Work With Coach Valerie?

[07:24] Coach Valerie shares her history of learning and perfecting the standard of movement in running that has helped thousands of people run pain-free. But when most people leave the in-person clinics she used to hold, they don’t retain the knowledge past the day of the clinic. That’s why this virtual clinic is such a tremendous opportunity! You’ll have an entire week to practice, and come back with questions for coach Valerie. You’ll gain access to the knowledge and have a better chance of retaining it!


How to Join Us - It’s the Last Day to Do So!

[09:18] Go to the main website at, and click the green button to join the virtual clinic and learn all the other pertinent details. The Facebook group will be open on Friday and Saturday. And the training will begin on Sunday. Let’s get you enrolled to learn how to run pain-free!


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