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Apr 28, 2023

Short episode summary

Can you really learn how to run without pain in less than two months? Tune in and find out!


Timestamps of big takeaways

The RunRX Immersion Program is Coming Up

[00:21] You can join The RunRX Immersion Program if you didn’t join the virtual clinic


[01:53] When you first join the Immersion, you’ll get an opportunity to do a Gait Analysis and get feedback on how you currently run so you know where to improve.


[02:19] Even if you’re injured you can join the Immersion.


Running Technique and Training During the Immersion

[03:05] A lot of the beginning of the Immersion is static practice. Then, as you're working on your movement for runners, what you learn is actually going to help you in all of your movement.


[04:25] You might want to give yourself about three months before an A race. However, if you have a fun race coming up and race all the time, it might not be a problem unless you’re injured.


[05:25] Can you run on top of the Immersion Program? That’s really an individual thing, but we have found the best results come with focused practice - meaning you must really focus on implementing the lessons we teach in the program.


Injury Prevention and Time Zone Considerations for Running Practice

[09:16] We also implement a level of self-care into your program. This is intentional because we want you to prevent injuries and get into a good mental space while working with us.


[09:42] We try to vary the times we do our Zoom meetings so we can appeal to the different time zones. The good news is, even if you miss it live, you can see the video and catch up on the lessons.


[11:19] You can reach out with additional questions about the program if you have any we didn’t address. And, we hope to see you in the Immersion really soon!

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