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Oct 29, 2021

Short episode summary

Are you trying to control your movements or are you letting your body do what it was naturally created to do? In this episode, we’re sharing a big factor that causes a lot of our clients difficulty - they try to control too much. Let go as you tune in, and learn what it really takes to run pain-free.


Timestamps of big takeaways

[00:21] Today we’re discussing the fact that to run correctly, you have to stop controlling

[00:47] Runners often get stuck in the mechanics, and they think they know how to move because of what they see others do

[02:39] This is why the gait analysis is so helpful - you get to see how you are actually running compared with what you think you’re doing

[03:31] Even Coach Valerie admits that when she first started running she was wasting energy, and spending too much time on the ground

[04:28] Not spending time on the ground freaks people out in the beginning

[05:50] Using muscle elasticity should not feel like work

[06:13] When running you should be working the cardiovascular system, not forcing the muscles to work. You’re allowing your 600 muscles in the body to work naturally

[07:17] When we run, we use only 10% active muscle contraction - so learn how to use it, then let it do its own thing

[08:45] If you’re a runner who is focused on the miles, you need to change your thought process so you can focus on the movement and the drills

[10:19] Coach Caroline digs deeper into the control runners feel they have to have and Coach Valerie speaks to that

[11:31] Coach Caroline confesses she prefers the drills to running for working out

[12:13] Everyone who works with RunRX has to get used to letting go of their preconception of running

[13:46] We talk about a coaching client who had an aha moment during a drill where she felt no pain - we want everyone to feel that!

[15:21] There is truly something magical about letting go and feeling the bliss of running pain-free

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