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Oct 15, 2021

Short episode summary

If you have a marathon coming up, you need this episode. Tune in now for some real talk about how to prepare. We’ll also bust a big myth about how long you should be running each day before race day.


Timestamps of big takeaways

[00:22] Today we’re diving deeper into marathon training and the mental aspects behind it

[00:48] Quite a few people in our membership right now are training for marathons, and spoiler alert: running more miles before the race isn’t what you need to improve your time

[01:56] You have to learn the movement of running before you can run a marathon without injury

[02:44] Your bones and muscles take time to recover, so breaking down isn’t going to help you run any faster or any further

[04:38] Running is a high impact activity, and your body will break down while doing it

[06:15] Even elite runners won’t train longer than about 2 hours at a time, and they don’t run daily

[06:50] You have to build a foundation for your run if you want to do it without injury

[07:20] Stopping your run at the 2-hour mark surprises many of the people in our membership

[08:26] Coach Valerie explains that if in 2 hours you’re only able to run 10 miles, she would suggest a half marathon, not a marathon

[09:00] Coach Valerie shares about a guy she trained to run marathons at 75 years of age

[10:05] You need to ask yourself if you are prepared to run a marathon - can you handle it?

[12:08] You have to be able to run 2 hours if you hope to finish a full marathon

[13:10] Runners should also consider external elements like hydration, what they will be eating, the weather - all of those things matter

[14:45] Coach Valerie talks about the first marathon she’d ever run

[15:52] Coach Caroline gives solid advice about how not to be bummed out post-marathon

[17:01] Let this episode be your reminder that if don’t know how to run, you shouldn’t be thinking about running a marathon - when you know the proper running form, it becomes easier and more enjoyable

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