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Aug 20, 2021

Short episode summary

If you don’t nail the movement patterns, you are risking injury. Click play now and learn more.


Timestamps of big takeaways

[00:25] Again, apologies for the noise, we went outside to record this one, and there was construction going on in the background 

[01:01] Coach Valerie shares advice she was given when she was doing triathlons

[02:36] Just like with running, learning the movement for swimming made it more enjoyable

[03:00] Coach Caroline talks about being a swimmer in high school

[04:15] Regardless of what type of sport you’re doing, drills are critical to nailing movement

[05:13] You need to check in with your body while doing any kind of sport too to confirm you’re moving correctly to avoid injury

[06:58] If you have a pain while running, do this

[08:08] Resetting in your run is much easier than doing this

[08:53] We can’t “action our way” into results

[09:43] We all have to work on our mindset, even Coaches Valerie and Caroline

[10:23] Coach Valerie shares what she is telling clients she’s training for the Boston Marathon

[11:15] You have to think about how you will handle inevitable situations while running

[12:38] We get a lot of pushback from people who just want to run, and not do drills


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