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Jul 15, 2022

Short episode summary

In this episode, Coaches Caroline and Valerie will talk about injuries. They will share their personal experiences with injuries and how you can stay physically active even while you’re injured.


Timestamps of big takeaways

Coach Caroline’s Injury

[01:00] Coach Caroline was doing everyday tasks when suddenly she felt a spasm in her glute. Her first thought was to get her tune-up balls to get rid of her spasm. However, after a week of rolling and using the tune-up balls, it was still causing her pain.


Coach Valerie’s Advice

[02:14] Coach Valerie asked Caroline to switch to a foam roller and do the exercise for 30-45 minutes. She emphasized that people have difficulty with self-care because they treat it like a luxury rather than a critical component of healing. If a person has an injury, they must allot more time to do self-care.


Repetitive Movements

[04:53] When Caroline does household chores, she notices that every person has a dominant hand and everyday tasks still stretch parts of the body. Many people think running causes or aggravates their injuries when in reality it could be everyday tasks causing the aggravation.


[06:21] Self-care is essential because people can get injured anywhere, any time, even when they are not running. Dig around the injury, get a ball or get a roller and find what hurts because healing is generated by movement.


Rethink Your Movement

[12:18] Correct form in everything is essential in doing exercises and self-care. For example, how a person stands all the time or how a person moves with their body weight and space. Walking, running, and any kind of movement are all about shifting body weight. Your body needs to keep moving even while injured to fully heal properly. Even when you’re modifying your exercises, when you work with movement and have less fear of the body, you can nurse your body back to health, and we can help.


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