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May 12, 2023

Short episode summary

Are you overthinking how to run pain-free? Perhaps you need to let go of the noise, and just listen to what Coach Valerie is telling you to do. Tune in to learn what we mean!


Timestamps of big takeaways

How You Learn Anything is How You Learn Everything

[00:25] Coach Caroline opens the episode with a story about how she is training people in her day job in tech and they are getting all worked up over their results. This is similar to a situation happening with RunRX members overthinking their results too.

[02:13] You need to first listen to what you’re trying to learn without trying to do it. In other words, listen to how to do it before you try. Grasp the concepts first.


It’s Not About the Distance or the Time

[03:00] Our members get really worked up when they are trying to follow what to do. For example, running 10 meters. We’re not saying you need to measure it and make sure it’s exactly 10 meters or you’re going to fail.

[03:42] If you were only able to run 8 instead of 10, you didn’t fail! You accomplished 8 meters!

[04:20] Don’t focus so much on the distance or the time. Remember you are learning a standard of movement. You have to fully grasp how to do the movement correctly before you can worry about improving anything else.


Start with the Basics

[05:08] When you can learn those first three steps - pose, fall, pull - the sky is the limit with your running

[05:52] If you start acting rather than listening in the training, you may miss important lessons. 

[06:29] Trust the process of learning how to run. Coaches Valerie and Caroline have a method, and it works. So take the time to learn what they have to share, and really take it in!


Just Start with One Thing a Day

[07:03] Even if you’re not in our membership or any of our trainings, you can literally follow Coach Valerie on social media and really learn one thing a day. Just taking that one step each day can make a world of difference in your running.

[07:50] Accept that it’s simple, but not easy. When you start getting in the zone, and declutter your mind of overthinking, you can really hone in on the running and doing it the right way.


Learning to Run is Like Driving a Car

[09:00] When you learn to drive a car, you are very methodical about how to do it. You pay attention to what you’re doing. You don’t overthink it. You just focus on the motions, and making sure you’re doing the right things until you are comfortable behind the wheel. It’s the same with running.


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