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Feb 17, 2023

Short episode summary

Should you prepare for a race with a coach? Yes! In this episode you’ll learn why. Tune in now!


Timestamps of big takeaways

Coach Valerie Racing

[00:26] Coach Valerie loves racing so much that for 20 years of her life, all she did was sign up for races. As an added benefit, since she is a running coach, joining a race helps her get involved with her client. Seeing her clients cross the finish line makes her heart happy. 


Train with a Coach

[04:26] Coaches Valerie and Caroline encourage you to start training with them at the beginning. They wanted to help you have the best race possible. Don’t think about the speed though, because the experience itself is more valuable. Having a coach can also help you prevent injury during training and on race day.


It’s Out Of Your Control

[8:53] It’s important to remember that you have no control over 99% of your running. For example, you can’t control the weather, the race course, or anything external. But you can manage how you feel and how you move during the run.


[09:54] When you concentrate on what you can control, it completely transforms your mindset towards racing and running. Throughout your training runs and the process overall, you will begin to see and feel your running improve.


When To Stop or Reset Due to Pain

[14:37] It’s important to keep in mind coaches will not sign you up for a race if you have an injury. But they will help to keep you in shape until you’re healed and ready to be racing.


[17:22] Good running coaches will watch you run to see where the problem is in your running. If suddenly you start hurting, your training will need to be adjusted. When something is still not working, that’s when you’ll need to fully stop and then reset.


 [19:15] If you are experiencing excruciating pain and fear that continuing to work would result in a six-week injury, such as a stress fracture, then do not show up to put in the work. But if you're jogging and feel a twinge in your calf or hip, you might be able to simply stop and stretch your way out of it.


Fear of a Full Stop


[20:21] There is a phenomenon that when people stop fully, it scares them. People are okay with stopping a run and walking. But this thought of a full stop is a very different thought. Coaches Valerie and Caroline want you to know that if you do have to stop and reset, nothing bad will happen. In fact, your body will probably appreciate that break.


Prepare Yourself For Running

[22:58] Whatever the event or distance you are going to run, don’t forget about preparation. Don’t think of it as just a 5k or three miles of running. While you don’t want to overthink the amount of time and distance you will be running, you also must prepare yourself for every running event.



A lot of the time, people want to get out there and run. Once you get out there, and see what you can accomplish - that’s actually the best parth. Whatever the distance, RunRX wants to help you work on being prepared mentally and physically. 


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