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Jun 10, 2022

Short episode summary

Can running slow help you run fast? In this episode, Coaches Valerie and Caroline discuss how running slow can actually help you master your breathing and movements to ultimately sprint and run faster.


Timestamps of big takeaways

How Sprinters Keep Themselves Fast

[01:06] Sprinters run fast, but their training is not about running at top speed. To keep them fast, sprinters do a series of drills which include skipping, jumping, high knees, etc. These drills give sprinters elasticity, strength, and the ability to pull their feet on the ground.


How to Use Gravity in Running

[02:38] You want to run without falling and don’t want to be greedy with gravity. You fall just enough to get off the ground with your feet. Our RunRX drills help you master this.


Running is Not Easy

[04:04] Running is a cardiovascular workout that really makes the heart work. An “easy run” doesn’t exist. While you can glide and master your movements, it will still be a heart workout.


Mastering the Art of Running Slow

[06:10] Many people run and get their heart rates up. But they have not mastered matching their breathing to their running. To master that, you must do breathing drills, which get you into a rhythm and helps you relax.


Running is connecting your body with gravity and breathing because running is cardiovascular. If you can talk while running, you are not taxing your cardiovascular system - you’re not actually getting a good workout.


The Zone of Running

[08:17] When you’re in the zone of running, you connect running and gravity to create the blissful feeling of freefall and moving your body properly. You will find that once you know how to run properly, you can run with a higher fall angle, which will give you a higher speed. Or you can run with a lower fall angle, which gives you less speed - but they're both running. 


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