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Sep 8, 2023

Short episode summary

Is running a marathon on your bucket list? If so, you have to tune into this episode of the RunRX Show and learn how to cross the finish line injury-free. Tune in now!


Timestamps of big takeaways

So You Want to Run a Marathon?

[00:25] Coach Caroline opens the episode by sharing that many of the RunRX members are starting to sign up for marathons and wants to know if people have a marathon when they should sign up for training.

[01:10] Coach Valerie explains that she can’t answer how long you need to train for a marathon until she knows if the runner has any injuries. If you are injured, you shouldn’t race any time soon.

[01:27] That said, the earlier you can begin training to improve your efficiency and get more comfortable with the correct standard of movement, the better.

Improve Running Efficiency to Run a Marathon

[02:04] We’ve had people join the community explaining they have a marathon coming up soon and they want to improve efficiency, and if you’re not injured you can absolutely do that. But, you should sign up with RunRX at least three to six months before a race so you can really prepare yourself.

How Long Should You Be Able to Run Comfortably?

[03:23] One of the cool things about our marathon runners is that when they go through our training they get to a place where they feel comfortable running up to two hours which is necessary if a marathon is on our bucket list.

[04:37] Two hours is really a baseline if you hope to run a marathon.

[05:05] We ask if you’ve ever raced in a marathon on our RunRX quiz because if you’ve not gone above 10k, you’re not going to run a marathon just yet. But, it’s a great time to get in and learn so you can work up to a marathon.

Coach Valerie Has Run Many Marathons

[06:30] Coach Valerie shares that she’s helped a lot of people get to a marathon, and she too has run many of them.

[08:20] Coach Caroline encourages listeners that are considering running a marathon in the future to go ahead and join RunRX so they can learn the standard of movement, and get their bodies ready to actually complete the race injury free.


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