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Aug 26, 2022

Short episode summary

Running sounds like a simple thing. You may even think that it is something that you can do easily. However, it requires proper execution to avoid injuries and pain. It takes practice to learn the standard of movement and to make it second nature.


Timestamps of big takeaways

Starting At the Bottom With Your Run

[0:42] Coach Valerie mentioned that they’ve encountered members who want to improve their run because they got injured when they first tried it or they got stuck. Instead of going out to run immediately, you must start at the bottom: control your movement, learn what running is, and where and when to go for a run. You must practice your running until you run right.


Running Takes Practice

[2:04] When you practice, you’ll eventually do it right. Once you go out there and run, you’ll be confident enough to do it because you are doing it correctly.


[2:55] It doesn't matter where you run - whether it is in your driveway back in forth, or on a road - you're still running for a mile or 1500 steps.


Perfect Practice Makes Perfect

[4:51] Just like other sports, running requires practice. You will be able to run confidently because you already know how to run after practicing for a while. Once you realize that running is a sport, you'll be able to practice and set drills to run perfectly. You'll be able to monitor your progress and your run.


Running Coaches Help You Avoid Pain

[6:52] The whole point of working with a running coach should be to correct your movement and avoid pain. That’s what Coach Valerie does - she corrects your form and helps you run pain-free.


[8:37] There is a difference between an instructor and a coach. The instructor will watch and motivate you the whole time whereas a coach will say what you need to do and help you do it correctly.


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