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Aug 18, 2023

Short episode summary

In this episode, Coaches Valerie and Caroline break down the incredible achievement of Courtney Dauwalter running back to back 100 mile races. Learn how mental strength and proper recovery impact peak performance. 

Timestamps of big takeaways

Courtney Dauwalter's Incredible Achievement

[00:22] Coach Caroline mentions Courtney Dauwalter's recent accomplishment of breaking the 100-mile record for both men and women.

[00:31] Courtney's victories in the Western States 100 and the Hard Rock 100 races were just three weeks apart.

Courtney's Approach and Training

[00:38] The coaches talk about Courtney's training strategy, and emphasize Courtney's remarkable feat of completing two 100-mile races in such a short span.

[01:17] Courtney's unique approach: she does not post her training on Strava like many other runners.

The Mental Challenges of Ultra-Running

[01:49] Coaches Valerie and Caroline talk about Courtney's previous experience with a DNF (Did Not Finish) in a race, and how it motivated her to come back stronger.

[02:04] Highlighting the mental aspects of running a hundred-mile race, where troubleshooting and perseverance are essential.

[02:17] Coach Valerie emphasizes that elite athletes like Courtney face challenges just like any other runner.

The Importance of Recovery

[02:27] Coach Valerie underlines the significance of rest and recovery in allowing the body to perform at its best.

[03:01] Elite runners like Courtney prioritize recovery, which contributes to their success. Sometimes you have to take it easy on race day and just listen to your body.

Mind-Body Connection in Running

[03:45] Coach Valerie highlights the importance of the mind-body connection in running. Mental focus and alignment can positively impact running performance. You have to understand what the body needs during a run and provide the necessary rest and recovery.

The Mental Games in Running

[06:30] Some people get so focused on the miles, they forget to listen to their bodies

[06:57] This is not to say that we’re capable or not capable of running 200 miles, but you have to listen to your mind and your body.

Applying Elite Runners' Strategies

[07:27] We encourage listeners to adopt the strategies of elite runners like Courtney and Kilian Jornet in their own training. Appreciate the simplicity of focusing on the present moment during a run. All runners, regardless of their level, can benefit from mental toughness and proper recovery.


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