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May 5, 2023

Short episode summary

You may enjoy running with friends, but in this episode, we’ll share why you might want to take time to practice running alone. Don’t miss this one!


Timestamps of big takeaways

How to Stay Focused and Connect with Your Body

[00:22] It can be tempting to run with friends, especially if you’re part of a running group. But, there’s a huge benefit to running alone and focusing on your movement.


[01:15] Practicing on your own will help you stay connected to your own body and focus on your movements even when you are in a group setting. We’re not saying to never run with others, but you have to first learn how to run and enjoy running alone.


Connecting with Running

[02:23] Part of running is connecting with what running is. You have to practice running properly alone because no one can run your race for you.


Coach Valerie Shares Her Running Group Experience

[03:34] Coach Valerie was talking while running with her group and though she can chat and run, her fellow group members couldn’t keep up. They couldn’t chat and focus on the movements. You can always grab coffee and catch up after the run. 


You Don’t Need a Running Mate

[05:36] The truth is, you don’t need someone by your side while you run. You all might have different goals on race day, and that’s okay.


[06:33] And, if you’re with a running group, you don’t have to be talking either. Besides, your running group might not even be with you on your race day anyway.


[07:20] You can run with your friends, side by side, and get into a nice tempo without talking too. Sometimes just running next to someone in silence just feels nice.


Conversation Might Not Be On Your Mind Anyway

[07:54] To be honest, if you're really in a good rhythm and you're breathing, conversation isn't what you want to do. Instead, you want to focus on the nice rhythm of exhaling and breathing and connect with running.


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