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Jan 14, 2022

Short episode summary

Ordinary people gather around the starting line of a marathon, but a legend is born at the finish line. Do you have what it takes to win a marathon or, better yet, get started on that less-traveled path? In this episode of The RunRX Podcast, Coach Valerie and Coach Caroline discuss an ideal runner's resolution for the new year of 2022.

Timestamps of big takeaways

Setting Goals


[00:39] Having a single new year's resolution probably helps you keep to it. It might be anything as simple as incorporating a warm-up from our YouTube channel into your everyday routine.


[01:17] When working with Coach Valerie, she’ll find out what your baseline is, and help you determine your running objectives.


[02:17] Having the next race on the calendar is part of running fun for most runners. It keeps them motivated and keeps them going. Coach Valerie's challenge is to set a goal for a strong 10k or even half marathon and work your way up to it if it's been three years and you're just getting back into it.


[04:21] Coach Valerie encourages running the 5K instead of the 10K right off the bat. You have to first get used to running pain-free before you can worry about running large distances.


[05:11] With the RunRX membership, it’s more than just running. We teach you self-care, stretching, rolling, recovery, etc… Because to run pain-free, you need all of those things.


Strength Training in the Membership

[07:00] If someone wants to use RunRX solely for strength, Coach Valerie has a strength library where you can add dumbbells if you want to add more muscle, but the baseline strength training is specifically to help you achieve your running goals.


[09:07] When it comes to strength training exercises, Coach Valerie helps you achieve strength in your hip, foot, body, and frame to go the distance you’re trying to run.


[11:24] Running is a demanding sport. Even if you're the world's fastest and most efficient runner, it’s high impact. It's your bodyweight against a cement surface. 


[12:51] When someone says they want to run a marathon, Coach Valerie reminds them, "You realize you're committing to running between three and five hours." Take your time getting used to your running and moving correctly so you can enjoy your time out there.


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