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Sep 2, 2022

Short episode summary

A running streak can help you reach more of your running goals while being fun and challenging. But does every runner need a running streak or should you implement rest days? Tune in and find out!


Timestamps of big takeaways

The Idea of Running Streaks

[01:15] Coach Valerie wants you first to ask yourself a question - what is your ultimate goal with the idea of a running streak?


[01:30] Coach Caroline said a running streak to her would be just being able to say she ran every day for a year.


[01:45] As a coach, Coach Valerie wants to help you meet your goal without any problems, and pain-free.


The Challenge to Streaks

[02:37] Coach Valerie mentions that there is a challenge in doing those streaks, which is about accountability. Although the concept of doing it every day and having success in it will bring out the excitement, you also have to connect with running and make it a little bit different every day.


Fun in Running

[04:15] Changing your mindset instead of saying you are going to run a mile and start thinking 1500 pulls because that is how many steps a runner takes in a mile, then you would have a different result. It becomes a better movement. Mixing it with other styles will make it more fun.

Taking Rest Days

[8:41] Coach Valerie wants her clients to take it easy and rest during their streaks to avoid injuries. Some runners like to take it slow when they have injuries, but continue to run - which causes more injury. 


However, if the client wants to continue running, Coach Valerie will at least try and help you achieve your goal without making the injury worse.


Having Active Rest Days

[9:57] We encourage you to question why you need to do the extra work on your rest day because not resting means you are not giving your body time to recover. It would be best if you gave your body time to recover. The ideal way is to have three days on and one day off.


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