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May 26, 2023

Short episode summary

Don’t be afraid of strength training. Tune in to this episode to learn how our method of strength training can actually make you a better runner.


Timestamps of big takeaways

Strength Training is a Pillar in RunRx Programs

[00:25] Our focus on strength training in the RunRx Programs is one of the things that makes our running training stand out.

[00:38] Coach Valerie shares about her time as a strength trainer and how she was trying to get women to add weights to their fitness regimen.

[01:14] Some runners are afraid of strength training because they fear bulking up will make them slower.


Strength Training Can Make You a Better Runner

[01:39] Increasing your bone density, and being stronger overall, definitely helps runners. We're not trying to teach you to be bodybuilders, so we focus on functional strength training.

[02:15] We focus on strength training that uses your own body weight.

[02:51] We teach things like “activating your glutes” and “unweighing your body.”

[04:07] The more you can understand what your muscles do and how to work them correctly, they'll also work correctly in your run. 


It’s Not All About Your Legs

[05:29] Strength training your legs isn't necessarily going to make you run faster, but strength training your core and lifting your legs from your core can make a world of difference.

[06:27] Runners need hip strength more than anything else.

[07:06] You need to strengthen your whole midline including your glutes and your core.

[07:33] Coach Valerie calls herself a learned athlete. She was not a natural runner, but she trained herself to be one. And, strength exercises had a significant impact on making her a better runner.


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