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Oct 22, 2021

Short episode summary

With all the marathons coming up, you might be thinking about how to train for one. Our methods might surprise you. Tune in to learn how RunRX views training for a marathon.


Timestamps of big takeaways

[00:22] We open with the fact that this episode is being recorded during the weekend of the Chicago Marathon, and this is the season of marathons 

[01:48] Training for a marathon is a lot like a rehearsal before the big show

[02:46] Coach Valerie discusses training and how every conversation becomes about a marathon, and we stop paying attention to the quality of the runs leading up to it

[03:32] Too many runners’ thoughts are consumed by the miles - getting in more miles

[04:21] You should be testing out shoes and goop, and the route, etc…

[04:57] If you’re only focused on the miles, you’re not focused on the movement of running correctly

[06:13] At RunRX, we teach you how to actually run - so you can handle running

[06:50] After you learn how to run, you can focus on other things like getting through your race

[07:46] The first step in getting marathon ready is learning the pose method and how to fall

[09:11] When we say you need to learn how to run, we’re really saying learn the proper techniques of pose, fall, pull

[09:44] Coach Valerie explains how she helped prepare someone to run the Chicago Marathon

[11:49] When you first learn to fall, it might not feel natural

[12:54] You need to get comfortable with holding the rhythm of running for two hours

[13:52] You can go wrong in training - from weather to hydration - things can go wrong

[14:37] It’s a good idea to train in the conditions and terrain you will face on race day


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