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May 3, 2022

Short episode summary

Sometimes, we don’t notice how our daily routine in life affects our bodies negatively, and we barely notice how we are causing the pain. If this sounds familiar, tune in right now!


Timestamps of big takeaways

Body Pain Isn’t Always Caused by Running

[1:20] We often think about how the pain we feel was caused by running. We should realize that this may not be the case. We only spend a few minutes of every day exercising and there are still a few hours left when we do other things. Your body pain can also be caused by what you are doing for the rest of the day.


Connecting and Disconnecting from the Body

[2:21] Instead of connecting with our body, we disconnect from it. This is why we barely notice how our daily activities affect our bodies negatively. Coach Caroline wants you to change that. Connecting to your body through running can connect your body to everything.


Being Aware of Your Activities - and Their Impact On You

[3:22] Coach Caroline herself sometimes experiences pain due to her daily activities. Even outside of exercise you can cause yourself injury if you’re not connecting with your body and moving properly throughout the day. For example, twisting your ankle when you’re not paying attention to how you’re climbing up a flight of stairs.


Being Connected and Aware of Your Body

[4:40] You should work on how you can connect with your body. This increases awareness and can help you correct your form and technique both while working out and doing everyday activities.


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