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Nov 30, 2021

Short episode summary

Achieving a running milestone is 90% mental; it's all about having the right mindset and having the necessary training that allows for a pain-free and injury-free running experience the majority of the time. In this episode, coach Caroline explains why you should follow the process RunRX teaches to reach your goal.


Timestamps of big takeaways

The Feeling Towards The Training

[00:25] Is Coach Valerie a source of irritation for you while you are watching her perform her drills and you ask her a question on the RunRX live sessions, regardless of whether you work with her or not? Do you ever get the sensation that she's speaking directly to you when she's live? 


[01:20] What if this is all part of the process, and Valerie is not deliberately trying to upset you? She could merely be speaking words, and perhaps you’re internalizing it rather than taking it for what it is - helpful information.


[02:01] What if it's not about who you are as a runner or your potential as a runner? Whether or not you'll be able to achieve your goals? Is it going to make you a better runner or a bad one? What does that involve, exactly?


The Proper Terminologies

[03:06] Coaches Valerie and Caroline are very intentional with using the proper terms to avoid your mind thinking you need to run a certain way - you should be feeling light, not heavy. For example, you won’t hear "foot strike," "forefoot midfoot," "heel strike," or "landing." 


[04:02] They are intensely conscious of the terminology they use because they understand that words elicit thoughts, which evoke feelings, and that your actions are reliant on those thoughts and feelings. Your action determines your outcome.


It's All A Figment Of Your Imagination.

[04:37] It all starts with action, with a concept triggered by Coach Valerie's remarks or the words you read. As a result, you hear her words, read one of her posts, or watch a video, think about it, and then feel about it, and all of this happens in an instant. You have about 60,000 thoughts every day or about 60,000 per minute...


[05:48] Don’t presume that because someone else worked with Coach Valerie and Caroline for three months and met a deadline, you should be able to do it in three months as well. Don’t try to speed up the process by relying on the outcomes of others.


[06:57] If you've read any of Dr. Romanov's books, you'll know that the manner you do anything, the action, comes after the notion that precedes it. What comes before the action is your perception, your thought. As a result, you must cease opposing the process, the fall, and muscular elasticity and let go.


[07:31] If you want to run without pain or injury, don’t give up on your instructors. RunRX won’t desert you. The process won’t work for you if you stop paying attention to what both instructors attempt to teach you.


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