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Jun 7, 2022

Short episode summary

The first Wednesday in June is National Running Day. In this episode, Coach Caroline talks about the day, and why every day can be a day to run.


Timestamps of big takeaways

We Missed National Running Day

[0:33] RunRX missed National Running Day, and no posts or hashtags were made for the event. But that’s okay because every day can be a National Running Day. You have the chance to run and enjoy the outdoors every single day. It can be done as a hobby, meditation, therapy, or even a time to hang out with your friends.


Making Excuses About the Day

[1:19] Are you guilty of making excuses about National Running Day? You don’t need to. In fact, if you missed it, there’s really no need to feel guilty. Some people put too much emphasis on “national holidays” when every day can be a celebration of running pain-free.



[2:11] Why bring this up at all? Some people decide National Running Day should be the day they start running. And, if they miss it, they keep pushing it off. The thing is though, if you set yourself to do something for another day even though you can do it now, you are procrastinating. You are putting off the inevitable - a sign of fear and self-doubt. If you want to run, then go out there and run. The more that you delay it, the less likely it will happen.


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