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Aug 30, 2022

Short episode summary

Are you disconnected from your body? In this Tough Love Tuesday, Coach Caroline shares some interesting insights on tuning into and connecting with your body in running.


Timestamps of big takeaways

Perception is Often Disconnected for Most People

[0:36] Many people have lost connection with themselves, not only through running but also in other sports. They believe running is only about moving your legs or your hips down to your waist. Others may believe running articles that say to move your arms because it makes you faster.


Challenge For You

[1:44] The challenge for you is to think differently. Look at your perception of your body moving in space.


Body Measurements

[2:07] Roughly 65% of your body mass is from the waist up. For example, if you are 180 pounds, from the waist up is carrying like 120 something pounds


Legs vs the Rest of the Body

[3:21] The argument is that 60 pounds (your legs) can carry and do all the work of your 120 pounds - the rest of the body. It’s just going along carrying the body and not doing anything. The logic is that it doesn’t make any sense. However, if you consider your entire body operating as a complete unit, 30 pounds per leg supports the other 120.  It must be incredibly agile and stretchy. It's also not a slinky that can roll up and down the stairs as a unit. It must function as a whole unit and that has to be in sync. Your toes, ankles, hips, and shoulders are all in the right place.


A Few Minutes Each Day

[5:07] Spend a few minutes each day connecting with your entire body and what it's doing. Coach Valerie talks about bending your knees and being in the ready posture, the back and forth of being able to be on the balls of your feet and moving back and forth, even side to side, without ultimately landing on your heels.


[5:33] Know what’s happening with your entire body and space. How do you feel at your hips, shoulders, head? What about when you move forward? Does that make you off balance? Does that put you on your hip or heels if you move it back?


Think About It

[8:05] Consider some of the other sports. How does your perspective of your body and space alter, or is it the same as when you run? I challenge you to think about this as you go into the next week.


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