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Aug 16, 2022

Short episode summary

In this episode of the RunRX Podcast, Tough Love Tuesdays, Coach Caroline will tackle a powerful topic about resisting, and the impact it can have on your training.


Timestamps of big takeaways

Fall, Fear, and Control

[00:23] There are two big fears plaguing our RunRX students - fear of falling and control.

[0:52] A lot of runners, including Coach Caroline, are affected by this. You have to let go of control. Let go of the fear that you're going to “face plant.” You've got to let go and let your body fall. These two things bring up a massive amount of mind drama and resistance in all of our runners. What you don't realize is when you resist, that's when you cause additional problems.


Focus on the Real Problem

[01:36] As an example, let’s say you are stressed so you grab chips. Are you actually hungry and that is why you reach for chips? Or are you just stressed and the chips mask the issue? It’s the same with running. You have to be mindful of what is causing you to act the way you are.


When You Resist You Cause More Problems

[3:33] You resist the fall and trust that gravity will place your foot on your feet because you believe that if you let go, something terrible will happen. You don't want to handle that feeling. It's like many overweight people feel that if they lose weight, something else bad will happen. Or if I speak back to my boss, I'll be fired.


It’s Time for a Thought Download

[4:15] Perhaps it’s time for you to do what Coach Caroline calls a thought download. Pull out all your thoughts, and answer the questions that are causing you to resist falling. Are you trying to force your feet? After that, we'll look at your thoughts and see what you think will happen.


Practice Feeling

[7:33] Just as practice makes you stronger by improving your muscle memory, sitting with those feelings you want to avoid improves your mental memory, resilience, and ability to handle challenging situations.


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