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Aug 2, 2022

Short episode summary

Everyone needs a reset from time to time. Tune in now to learn how RunRX is going back to basics for our upcoming programs.


Timestamps of big takeaways

[00:25] Today Coach Caroline is talking about the concept of starting over. In October 2022 we’ll be doing an immersion program. It’s a 4-week deep dive into learning the new movement pattern of running correctly.


Reset Your Brain and Movement Patterns

[01:18] The reason we’re doing this in lieu of the membership model is to get you to focus. Think of it like a resetting of your brain and body movements.


[02:07] Now, just because you go through the 4-week plan, doesn’t mean you’re done. This is just the start. And, you may need to do the immersion program again and again - pretty much every time you restart your running practice, this program can come in handy.


Everyone Can Benefit From a Reset

[04:20] It's not just athletes, it's musicians, it's singers, it's public speakers. You go back to the original things, the drills and the things that got you started, you do your scales, you warm up your voice, you practice in a mirror, you use your gestures.


[05:05] The immersion plan has gone through a few changes. It evolves as we grow and as we see what the running community needs. Coming back and doing it again can benefit you even if you have been through the previous iterations of it.


Reboot While You Wait

[07:11] While you’re waiting for the October immersion program, go ahead and get signed up, and then check out the 30 day reboot on YouTube. It will help prepare you and help you reset before the program begins again.


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