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Aug 9, 2022

Short episode summary

Are you waiting to lose weight before learning how to run the right way? If so, that’s a mistake!


Timestamps of big takeaways

Being Overweight While You run

[00:23] People don’t like to talk about being overweight while they run, but the reality is a lot of people run because of that. Unfortunately, a lot of people choose not to run because of their weight as well. Holding weight on your body is like running with a backpack or a weight vest. It’ll get easier, and that weight will come off naturally if you run correctly.


Ways to Modify Your Running

[01:31] Even if you’re on the heavier side, you can benefit from the RunRX method. We help you learn to modify your runs and do it pain free. Waiting to lose weight before getting started could actually delay your progress.


Even our drills can be modified to help you get an effective workout.


Think About Future You - Not Just the Running

[04:23] Start thinking about how you will feel when you get past the weight. How are you going to feel when you lose weight? Are you running to lose weight? Are you running because you put on weight because you were under stress and weren't feeling good?


[05:28] Think about how you talk to yourself about your weight. If you focus on what you're telling yourself, would you ever speak to a friend that way? Or worse yet? Would you let someone talk to you that way?


[05:57] Your future self will thank you if you give yourself a little grace, and take the time to be intentional about your thoughts while working out. Don’t trash talk yourself. Instead work on your thought patterns and realize that as you learn to move correctly, that weight will come off, and you'll be in a better position.


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