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Sep 28, 2021

Short episode summary

Is RunRX to blame for your lack of progress? Find out who’s at fault in this episode!


Timestamps of big takeaways

[00:22] Today Coach Caroline is talking about taking responsibility for your running practice

[00:57] Let’s use the example of using a trainer for your weight loss goals

[01:43] Sometimes we blame the trainer for us not meeting our goals

[03:04] What we do can affect our progress, and spoiler alert - it’s NOT your trainer’s fault

[04:02] While it is normal to fall into blaming, sometimes we have to realize it is us not doing the work causing us to not achieve the results we want

[04:55] If you are doing what you’re supposed to do and not progressing, ask for help

[05:49] There may be things you’re not doing and don’t even realize that they could help you

[06:39] We challenge you to take responsibility, do the work, ask for help, and keep showing up

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