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Jan 4, 2022

Short episode summary

In this episode of the RunRX podcast, Coach Caroline discusses the RunRX program and the changes to come, and why they’ve decided to make the membership small and tight-knit. Tune in, and learn more about the program today!


Timestamps of big takeaways

The Goal Of The Coaches In The Program

[00:26] Coach Valerie spends a lot of time working with runners one on one, especially in those first four to 12 weeks. She wants to be able to continue the one-on-one sessions, even though it's online. Doing that takes a lot of time and energy. Because of this, the team decided to keep the membership small. More time is added to the coaching, and the price will eventually rise.


Three Types Of People Who Become Members


There are three types of runners that will likely join the membership. The first type is the one who does things by the book. If they have a plan that says they have to run three miles, they run three miles. It doesn't matter if they're injured or not. They're precise, regimented, and do things in a certain order.


The second type is the one who is almost anxious. They are so used to following the plan. These people tend to want to check in every day. They want to be on every single Zoom call, and they watch every single replay. They need a little bit more hand-holding during those first four weeks.


The third type is the one who joined the membership and never show up. They may go on one or two calls. Then just sit there and troll the membership.


What Do Runners Get Out of the Membership?


All three types of runners can get the same result: running pain-free. The only runners that don't run pain-free are those who give up and stop working with the membership. But RunRX will not give up on anyone - if you need to take a break,  you can always return to the membership.


Why Giving Up Is Not An Option for Runners


No matter what types of circumstances a runner is dealing with, they need to know how to come back to the membership to achieve the goal of running pain-free. Whether it’s having a big job at work or something going on with the family, or just getting sick, the runner must always know how to come back since the coaches will meet them right where they are.


Whether you come in injured or get injured doing something else, Coaches Valerie and Caroline won’t give up on you. We can only help you run pain-free if you keep working on the methods we teach you.


RunRX Is Here For Every Runner


Coaches Valerie and Caroline are here for you - through the podcast, through the YouTube channel, and on Social Media during “Ask Me Anything” on Wednesdays.


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