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Aug 24, 2021

Short episode summary

If someone threw a punch at you, could you block it? Tune in now to find out what this has to do with running pain-free.


Timestamps of big takeaways

[00:25] Today, we’re talking about the reflexive response of the hamstring

[01:18] What makes running hard is explained here

[02:06] We don’t want you running on these…

[02:58] Coach Caroline correlates martial arts to learning how to run pain-free

[04:20] Why do you practice in an exaggerated form? Find out here

[05:10] When Coach Valerie repeats lessons, this happens

[06:09] Here Coach Caroline shares what we want from you as you work with us

[07:10] We would love to hear from you - do you have a practice you have tried that involves large, exaggerated movements to learn the lesson? Reach out and tell us about it

[07:49] Coach Caroline issues this week’s challenge


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