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Jan 11, 2022

Short episode summary

In this episode of the RunRX podcast, Coach Caroline talks about the beauty of establishing goals for the new year and setting intentions for running goals. Tune in to learn how to get the most out of your running experience.


Timestamps of big takeaways


Why It’s Necessary To Set A Goal


Are you the type of runner that sets the resolution, that sets a goal? 


A Coach’s Experience On Goal Setting


Coach Caroline mentions that her first year with Peloton was in 2020, just before the pandemic. By the end of the year, she had ridden her bike for nearly 5000 minutes. Then, in 2021, she decided to try to break the 5000 mark. She accomplished it within the first six months. For 2022, her goal is to do 15,000 minutes!


Habits Matter In The Membership


Establishing habits can make a difference in your fitness, weight, health, and goals. Habits can make you easily achieve whatever it is you want to get.


Runners need to ensure that they are doing something everyday towards their running goals. If you are not in the membership and just an avid listener, maybe you just follow the drills that are shared on social media every week.


Asking The Right Questions


Runners need to remind themselves to follow through the discipline by asking themselves questions such as: “What are you doing for yourself, then in the running?” “Are you promising that you're going to do the 30-day reboot?” “Are you doing the warm-up and cool down that's in the 30-day rule, reboot every day.”


Consider Being A Member


If you haven't joined the membership yet, maybe you’ll consider joining in April. For now, at least, you can start with the 30-day reboot on YouTube where Coach Valerie walks you through pose-fall-pull.


Content For Runners


RunRX offers tons of content with strength training, flexibility, mobility, and different drills on their Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube, and whether you’re in the membership or not, you should do something every day - even if it’s just taking an extra five to 10 minutes every day working towards your running goals.


 What’s In It For Runners


If you decide to join the membership, you can get a Gait Analysis, get more personalized help, and ask more questions!


What The Coaches Are Here For


Coaches Valerie and Caroline are here to give runners the support and insight they need to run pain-free. We help motivate you, change your movement, and work towards your running goals.


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