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Aug 23, 2022

Short episode summary

Your thoughts can make or break your running practice. Tune in to find out what we mean.


Timestamps of big takeaways

The Mindset Shift

[00:22] Some runners already understand that mindset is important, and yet it’s their mindset that still often holds them back from putting in the work.


[00:56] As an example, when you think you can’t go any further, if your mind believes you can, your body can go farther. The goal is to get past the blocks and excuses - that’s when the shift happens.


[01:55] Incremental-focused practice is significant in learning new movement patterns, but the real shift comes when your mindset shifts. A mind shift is made up of different things: first, when you believe in Coach Caroline and Coach Valerie. Second is when you believe in other people’s great progress, method, and testimonials. And lastly, when you believe in yourself.


Think Open and Positive

[3:37] Having negative thoughts doesn’t serve you. Open and positive thoughts must be in your mind while you are in training. Rather than thinking things like you’re feeling large, heavy, or fat, think light as a feather, free, flying.


Unweight Yourself

[4:28] You can unweight yourself by simply connecting with your feet and allowing the ball of your foot to be what's holding up your weight so that your toes can still move and your heels aren’t touching. You can move your heels up very quickly.


Think About the Real Mental Side of Running

[7:58] Coach Caroline wants you to think about your thoughts, about yourself, how you connect with yourself, how you connect with your feet and midsection, how you feel as you travel through space, and how that can genuinely affect your practice. You have nothing to lose, except maybe some fear and self-doubt. Give it a try, and see what comes up for you.


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